Access Control

An Access Control system manages the flow of traffic entering, exiting, and inside your business 24 hours a day while restricting access to unauthorized individuals.

An access control security system also allows you to identify and manage the people or vehicles entering with information and control settings available in real time. Personnel can be granted access using system access cards, pin codes, fobs, and biometrics specifically programmed to allow or restrict them to specific locations.

By installing building Access Control systems on your commercial property, you will significantly reduce your business’ exposure to criminal activity, such as thieves and trespassers, and significantly improve the security of staff, visitors, and assets on the premises. For added security, you can visually identify and communicate with visitors or vehicles by combining your access control system with CCTV and intercom systems. We only recommend market-leading access control systems from trusted manufacturers, which offer Advanced technology, premium-quality components, and modern finishes.

Choosing superior access control products allows us to integrate commercial access control systems with other security products, such as intercoms, CCTV systems, automatic doors, and safety systems (e.g., evacuation and fire systems).

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